Lay Gewurze was founded more than 90 years ago by the Lay brothers in Germany. Today the company employees over 100 people and has customers around the globe and an annual production of over 10,000 tons of natural and blended spices, marinades and auxiliary products. Lay specializes in the production of brines, spice blends, marinades and solutions for the food industry.

Creating resources, not depleting them. Our world is growing. As population growth continues to rise and wealth increases, so does the demand for food, feed and fuel. Traditional resources are depleting and the demand for sustainable ingredients is growing. That’s where we come in –and you do, too. As specialists in creating value from raw materials of animal origin, we have a proactive R&D program with reliable processes. We understand nature and the resources it offers us and are specialized in using these resources effectively and with respect for the environment and with a keen understanding of today’s markets. Many international producers already rely on Sonac for quality ingredients. By helping you improve recipes, techniques and processes, Sonac can add substantial value to your business.

Headquartered in Thuringia, CFF GmbH & Co. KG is your strong partner for customer-specific and natural cellulose fibres with a global sales network in many different industries. Our cellulose fibres, exclusively produced from organic and renewable raw materials, are used in road construction, building chemicals, industrial applications, filtration and in the food industry. The diversity and naturalness of our products is one of the most important factors of our company’s success. We achieve a symbiosis of innovative technologies and the fantastic power of nature for various applications. SANACEL® dietary fibre concentrates are natural ingredients for the food industry. On the one hand, they offer a high nutrition-physiological value, on the other hand a variety of functional properties. Mechanical reduction leads to products of different fibre lengths with characteristic properties such as defined water and oil adhesion properties.

Founded in Murcia (Spain) in 1965 by Ginés Hernández, Productos Sur, S.A. (Prosur) started out as a spice and herb blender for food manufacturers. When the business passed on to the second generation, Prosur shifted its attention to ground-breaking nutritional and ingredient solutions for food industries. Over the last fifty years, Prosur has created a powerful balance between experience, expertise and innovation. Tucked away in the southeastern corner of Spain, Murcia is Europe’s fruit and vegetable garden. Its unique climate and geography produce high quality products that are a daily inspiration for our scientists. Combining the essence of the Mediterranean lifestyle, nature’s best and our know-how in biotechnology, Prosur’s food scientists develop innovative solutions that focus on your need to create safe, flavorful foods that make you more competitive.

The Danish Meat Trade College is an independent education and training centre, founded in 1964 by the Danish slaughter houses, which considered human resources to be of paramount importance for the future expansion of the sector. Today the Danish Meat Trade College has developed in to a modern educational nstitution,- covering education and training for the Danish food and service industry at the following levels: Vocational education and training: Industrial slaughtering, retail shop butchering, sausage making, cook, waiter, baker, pastry baker.

Lactosan is the key ingredient you need for success. Not only do our specialists provide a vital contribution to your development process, but the exceptional Cheese Powders we create ensure a truly distinctive result. Our ranges of pure Cheese Powders, Lactosan NCB – Natural Culinary Booster and Cheese Powder Blends deliver unmatched taste and quality, with the right functionality and properties to fit your specific flavour profiles, processing and labelling requirements as well as easy handling and reliable supplies with a high level of quality and food safety.

Founded in 1942, Lactosan A/S has been at the forefront of Cheese Powder innovation and development for +70 years and is today a major player in an exciting, dynamic food industry. We work with leading businesses worldwide to create unique Cheese Powder solutions that make a real difference to their products and success. We are headquartered in Denmark with an additional factory and R&D center in Uruguay as well as sales offices in China, Japan and the United Kingdom.

So, whether you need a more distinctive flavour, a cleaner label, a little inspiration or cost optimization, our Cheese Powder Solutions can help to make your next product a success.

proFagus Food Solutions is an independent European producer of liquid smoke (Pure Smoke) for a variety of applications (atomizing, drenching , admixture) for meat , fish and savory.

During the recent years our portfolio was also extended to smoke powders, smoke oil and smoked ingredients.

Our lead times are short and customer satisfaction is key for us.

Saltwell is a leading partner for the food industry, contributing by reducing sodium and improving taste with a natural clean label focus. Born global, the Saltwell AB company has business units in Sweden, Chile and the US. The company owns, develops and produces high quality and BRC and ISO certified sodium reduction solutions. The core product SALTWELL® is a high-quality sea salt, naturally low in sodium by 35% and is used as a 1:1 replacement for sodium chloride in all application areas e.g. meat, plant, dairy, ready meals, soups, sauces, seafood, spice blends, bakery and snacks. For food manufacturers, food service providers and food retailers, sodium reduction a pressing issue. Saltwell helps them achieve salt and sodium reduction whilst keeping optimal taste via the unique clean label solution that is SALTWELL®.

Eurogum is an independent Danish manufacturer of carrageenan and alginate. Founded by Mikael Eriksen in 1994 and acquired by Bang & Bonsomer in 2021. Its head office is located just 10 Km away from the city center of Copenhagen. The Eurogel brand is marketed globally through a network of high qualified distributors. Continuous product development, innovation and consistent quality control, combined with proximity to the market and the ability to meet customer’s needs, have been the main parameters of EUROGUM’s success and growth.
Rüther Gewürze is a leading company with many years of experience in the oleoresin and essential oil industry. Specialized in the production, adjustment and development of extracts, dyes, essential oils and flavours, Rüther develops customized solutions for business partners from various industries. – reliable, quality-oriented, individual!
Lyckeby’s business focus is the food and paper industries. They produce native, modified and clean label starches, together with potato fiber with high functionality, ideal for a wide variety of applications and processes.

Carnad, is focused on providing Clean label Natural kokumi Taste Enhancers based on natural ingredients from meat and seafood commodities.

Carnad Natural kokumi products is the right choice when you wish to Future-proof your products and formulations, to meet Consumers demand for healthier choices with Clear simple ingredients they trust and don’t compromise on flavors!

Carnad wish to develop lasting Client relationships by providing all food companies the opportunity to apply Natural Kokumi Taste Enhancers instead of artificial solutions through a team of committed and value-based professionals. We believe that Food should be made from Food and nothing else.

MartinoRossi is one of the main suppliers of Food Manufacturers, thanks to its experience in the production of flours, functional ingredients and plant-based solutions, from cereals and legumes cultivated by an integrated supply-chain, totally Gluten-Free, Allergen-Free and GMO-Free.

Last years, thanks to the development of B2C products for Retail and Food Service channels, MartinoRossi widen its portfolio with product lines that meet the last market trends.

The name “La Chinata” comes from the demonym of the inhabitants of the birth town of the Company founder Florentino Oliva, Malpartida de Plasencia. “Las Chinatas” are the women of the town. Our Company is a benchmark in the Spanish market, being present in national and regional supermarket chains and being used by many of the best Chefs.

In addition, it is the main ingredient in the elaboration of the best Spanish chorizos. La Chinata is the best known Smoked Paprika from La Vera brand internationally, being present in many of the best stores in the world and being a fundamental product in the kitchens of the most select restaurants. For this reason, in 2018 we were awarded the Spanish Food Award for Food Internationalization.